We asked you whether you thought Tommy Robinson should’ve been banned from speaking

‘I personally think people are way too sensitive’

The EDL founder is certainly controversial, and his visit to Oxford Brookes planned for March was cancelled after Brookes Union and the police decided that it would be a ‘public health risk’ due to the number of students planning to protest at the event.

We asked some of you around campus what you thought about the cancelled freedom of speech talk.

Karimah Tackie, Publishing Media, second year

I think that someone saying the things he says, coming to a multicultural university should not have the privilege of speaking to the students. I don’t think somebody who is so openly racist should address the students of our university. I would wait outside but I don’t want to hear from him.

Alexander Morgan, Film, second year

Say no to racism.

Henry Sharp, Rosie Holt, Business, fourth year

Someone who has such strong views about Islamophobia and racism shouldn’t be allowed to speak at such a multicultural university.  However, it would be interesting to see what he says to floor. Probably for the best however, as the Oxford Brookes union aren’t the best loved already.

Alexander Birch, Japanese and International Relations, second year

Personally I think his views are disgusting however, part of the joys of living in this nation and the civilised world is that we have freedom of speech. Today it seems people are trying to limit speech, if you don’t let the guy speak or if you get offended it’s still his views and he’s allowed them.

Sehul Maheshwari, Msc Marketing

He should be able to speak.

Charlotte Dennis, Politics, Economics and International Relations, second year

I personally think that people are way to sensitive. People are entitled to there own opinion and instead of becoming angry they should just listen and try and understand other peoples point of views. Yes, you might not like them, but everyone’s different. You don’t see people protesting against Green peace, even though some people don’t believe in climate change. Liberals need to take a chill pill.