We asked third years what’s on their pre-graduation bucket list

you know you want to

With second semester in full swing and dissertation looming, we found some third years to talk about the one thing they want to do before leaving Brookes:

Benni, Animal Biology

“I want to do a pub crawl down Cowley with my housemates, but dressed as Smurfs.”

Can’t wait to see that.

 Tegan, Business / Psychology

“Break into an Oxford College drunk, Christ Church of course – for the Harry Potter thrills. I just wanna go on the staircase.”

Susie, Animal Biology

“My last Mayday in Oxford this year and I want to be up for the full 24 hours.”

Sam, Biology

“I want to make it onto the Tab.”

You’ve done it mate

Laura, Animal Biology

“Lets all have a party in the forum, everyone.”

Morgan, Animal Biology

“Put a reserved sign on a table in the forum, wait and then turn up with a few friends dressed in suits and play a full poker game like it’s totally natural.”

Will, Environmental Sciences

“I wanna gatecrash the Mayday choir and start a Brookes Rugby Union chant.”

Go on lads

Laura, City and Regional Planning

“Climb the Oxford mount, drunk obviously.”

“Drunk” – essential.

Jack, Biology


Clear and Simple