Cowley might be getting a Metro

No more waiting 35 minutes for a U5 in the morning

Plans have been revealed for a new ‘Oxford Metro’ designed to help those in the Cowley area get around quicker.

Initial stops would include Oxford Station, Oxford Science Park, Blackbird Leys and Oxford Business park, with potential for a bigger system in the future.

Students in Oxford are all too aware of the nightmare traffic throughout the town, particularly in the Cowley area where there is a high student population. A metro to the train stations would be beneficial for students getting into the city centre or Harcourt Hill.

The system would likely use refurbished London Underground trains.

Award winning scientist Dr Falk, who suggested the idea, said that it would cut traffic in the city centre and give people an easier way to travel to work in Cowley. Dr Falk  has held ‘promising’ discussions with officials at the Department for Transport. Local authorities have been urged to act on the idea.

The metro will be a part of a city-wide plan for a system of new train routes