We want you to write for the The Tab Brookes this semester

Don’t pretend you’re not tempted

The Tab Brookes are looking for talented, fresh new writers to join our expanding team. Out of 52 teams in the UK, and 130 in the world, Brookes are constantly growing, getting on average over 100,000 views every month on our page alone, a figure that only continues to rise.

Our aim is to break news stories that nobody else does, and that students really want to read about. Some of our stories have been picked up by local newspapers like The Oxford Mail and the Sun, amongst others.

We don’t only do news though, we do fun features too and our writers have opportunities to go and report on both local and national events that they want to write about. You’ll not only be able to write for The Tab Brookes, but also for The Tab’s national and global pages.

You can also write for Babe, which is the fastest growing women’s site on the internet.

The Tab is a global news network made up of professional and student journalists, reaching an average audience of five million readers every month. We have teams at all major university cities in the UK, with a main HQ in London, 77 teams all over the US, including all the Ivy League Universities with a HQ in New York.

You’ll regularly have the opportunity to apply for internships and work experience at The Tab’s London offices, different media companies and news agencies such as the SWNS, the Sun and The Sunday Times and more. Here at The Tab we invest in our writers and help you build skills and gain opportunities that will be invaluable when you graduate. Writers have gone on to work at a number of large media outlets such as The Times, Vice, Buzzfeed, Vogue and also at The Tab’s London and New York offices.

If you haven’t already, give our Facebook page a like to be kept updated on all our newest stories, and click here to sign up and start writing for us. No writing experience necessary, we will teach you everything you will need to know. If you have any questions about writing for us then drop Russell Sheldrake and Lauren McNamara an email at brookeseditor@thetab.com

So if you want to gain real journalism experience, or just want to have a bit of fun then drop us a message and come to our 6:30pm Monday meeting at Joe Perks.