Protest planned outside Carfax Tower for Trump’s inauguration

Who’s up for it?

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On Friday there will be protest outside the Carfax Tower at 5pm during Donald Trump’s inauguration.

It will be held by the group ‘Stand up to Racism’ who have organised several events.  The group organise events as they believe Trump uses inflammatory language against migrants.

Stand up to Racism are calling on ‘everyone of goodwill’ to protest against Donald Trump, from UK politicians, religious leaders to trade unionists.

A spokesperson for Stand Up to Racism, Weyman Bennett, said: “Trump’s campaign for president was marked by constant scapegoating of migrants, with a key slogan ‘build a wall’ to keep out Mexican workers and attacks on America’s Muslim Community. We cannot allow these ideas to become acceptable”.

The soon-to-be 45th US President is due to be inaugurated in Washington DC on Friday where it will be televised worldwide and hundreds of thousands of people are expected to attend.

However, compared to Obama’s first inauguration which drew in 1.8m to attend, Trump’s attendance is estimated to be much lower.