The university have finally issued a statement about our safety after last night’s attack

Our welfare has become more important than the building up traffic

After last night’s rape incident occurring right next to Harcourt Hill, Oxford Brookes has finally sent out an email about student safety just before 4pm this afternoon.

All students received an email this morning, detailing that police were present on campus and uni would still be open all day. It also read that students should go straight to campus to ‘avoid a build up of traffic’. However, this left many students wondering why a slight congestion on Harcourt Hill was put before the message of student safety.

The follow up email this afternoon sent from Brookes Communications still reiterated the previous, but additionally sent a warning message to students about their own personal safety, to “look after yourselves and one another” as well as to remain “vigilant” when on a night out.

It read: “Please let me reassure those studying and living in halls of residence at Harcourt Hill that we will be increasing the security presence in the area over the next few days and nights.

“While Oxford is, for the most part, a safe city to live in, as with any city it is important that you take care to look after yourselves and one another.

“Advice from Thames Valley Police is available online, which includes information on personal safety while out and about.

“This is particularly the case for nights out, when travelling by foot or bicycle, or when you are in areas that you are unfamiliar with although clearly vigilance is important at all times.

“The University and Brookes Union provides a range of services and support, including the Brookes Union Safety Bus, which has a priority of taking vulnerable students home, but will also transport any other student, wherever possible.

“It is available during semester time by calling 07714 445 050 and only asks for a £1 voluntary donation.”

Someone was raped last night by Harcourt Hill

The message continued: “The Safety Bus service operates most nights but, as a volunteer-led service, there will be times when it is not running.

“It is, therefore, important that you plan your route home in advance. If walking home is the only option, always walk with friends, all the way to your destination.

“You may also be aware that Brookes employs Police Community Support Officers, in partnership with Thames Valley Police, who are able to provide support on a range of matters including personal safety.

“This partnership includes a number of talks which take place in Halls but advice is available all year round.

“We also have a range of services available for you such as Wellbeing, Student Central and the Brookes Union Advice Centre, as well as specific members of staff including Student Support Co-Ordinators.

“I would encourage you not to hesitate in getting in touch with any of these teams directly if you require further advice, guidance and support.”

The message is finally a reassurance to those particularly living in Harcourt and Westminster halls that extra security will be employed, as well as reiterating to students that it is never a good idea to walk home alone at night.