Police investigating a rape by Harcourt Hill last night

It happened at 8:00pm

Raleigh Park at Harcourt Hill campus has been cordoned off and a forensic tent has been put up after someone was allegedly raped last night.

One man so far has been arrested and is currently being held by the police.

Thames Valley Police spokesman, James Williams, said: “Thames Valley Police can confirm that it is investigating a rape that happened at around 8.10pm last night.”

The incident happened near Harcourt Hill

He continued: “One man has been arrested on suspicion of rape and remains in custody. We will provide further details later today.”

The police are yet to confirm the gender or age of the victim.

Residents around the area said that a large police presence turned up at the park at 9pm last night, with there also being a helicopter heard over Botley.

Those who live at the Harcourt Hill campus will be familiar with the park as it is often used to get to the shops.

There is also a student gym on site, and nearby resident Ben Hill said: “My housemate and I were driving up the hill to the gym at Oxford Brookes at about 6.20am. Half way up the hill were three police cars and a police van.

“They had cordoned off a house, and police were stopping drivers heading up the hill. They asked us where we were going before letting us through.”

If you have any information about the event please get in touch with the police.