Brookes is one of the top ten most expensive unis in the UK

No surprises there

Another study has been produced telling us we’re at one of the most expensive universities in the UK.

London universities top the charts, but both Oxford and Brookes have found themselves in the top 10 for costs above a wide choice of areas.

The data considers fees, accommodation, halls price and food, gym and clothes expenditure.

Our halls and travel are even more expensive than that of Oxford Uni, despite living in the same city.

And we even spend more on books, forking out on average £516 in comparison to Oxford’s £168.

This isn’t the first time that Oxford has been found to be expensive, just last year it was found to be the least affordable city in the UK.

The top ten universities for cost are:

Regent’s University London  – £38,854

Imperial College London   – £26,682

Royal College of Music  – £26,518

University of the Arts London – £25,776

University College London  – £25,664

The London School of Economics and Political Science  – £25,546

University of Oxford  – £24,760

City University London  – £24,468

Oxford Brookes University  – £24,450


It really is about time we get London loans.