Curvy girls are the best and there is no doubt about it

We’re deffo better in bed


Curvy girls are in. We are rocking catwalks and Instagram with girls like Iskra Lawrence, Ashley Graham and Hunter McGrady leading they way. It is safe to say we are hot af. Look no further boys and girls, we are sexy, au naturel and do not give a shit what you think of our body shape. We curvy girls are the best, and here is why.


Curvy girls = boobs.

It is a simple equation, and the one you’ll most want to find the answer to. Everyone loves tits, because they are literally bags of fun. Fun to play with, fun to look at and they are great to keep stuff in. No need for a purse on a night out because these bad boys will hold them for me. No asking your flatmates to put your ID and money in their clutch, you’ve already got something to clutch onto your valuables.

We are the best in bed

No-one likes a bony cuddle, it’s a fact. Why have a plank when you can have a pillow? We have a wide range (get it?) of stuff to cosy on up to from boobs to bum, belly to thighs; anywhere you lie on, it’s perfect. Need an arm to nap on when on the U1 bus? We have got you covered. For the cold, winter nights we are the perfect hot water bottle.

We are professionals when it comes to everything food

Carbs? No problem, off to my thighs you go. Fats? Come on over, into my boobs. You are all welcome here. We do not have to eat to be thin because we will never be thin, it is not in our DNA. So we can eat what we want and not feel too bad about it because we are made this way. If I want that last slice/entirety of that pizza then I’ll sure as hell will eat it. We also have more room to store it, sure we can’t pack it into our cheeks, but they are definitely going in our butt cheeks.

Some clothes are just made for our body type

When you’ve got boobs and a bum, nothing looks better than a tight dress – we look like a damn sexy roundabout. We can wear low cut tops without a care in the world, our boobies look good and we do not look like an ironing board. High-waisted jeans were literally sent to us by some higher power, I am pretty sure she/he looked at girls like us and knew we needed to strut our stuff. Sure, some things make us look like we are trying to resemble a duvet cover, but when it goes right… it goes bloody awesome.

Thighs so in love they can’t stay apart