Jeremy Corbyn was on Cowley road yesterday

He was giving a talk on healthcare

Leader of the Labour Part Jeremy Corbyn was seen giving a talk on Cowley Road yesterday, Oxford’s most popular student area.

He lead a procession of about 200 people down the Cowley Road before giving a talk on the issue in a hall in the Cowley area about cuts to the NHS budget.

Plenty of Brookes students went along to Cowley to have a chat with, and most importantly get a selfie with the popular politician. Corbyn was also knocking on doors, including houses on popular student areas like Div Road trying to gain support from local people.


knocking on student doors

He said: “We are now aware, because of a leak, of the sustainability and transformation plans for BOB [Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire West]. It means £146m is going to be removed from the health budget for Oxfordshire, £62m of which is on staffing because we are the most expensive commodity the NHS has – but also the most vital.

“Nurses are the most numerous but I expect it will be some physios and radiographers and we may see some doctors as well. It’s going to have a devastating effect.

“Our worry is that this is going to be the end of the NHS.”