Why Brookes’ Students’ Union needs to run a club night

We’re tired of £4 pints and £10 taxis

Brookes union is known for few things, mostly bad ones. However, one of the most unforgivable things about them is that there is no SU run club night.

Every Uni seems to have an SU night apart from us, its a staple of most universities. There are cheap, fun, convenient and did I mention, cheap. Maybe the DJ is a bit rubbish and it closes at 2am but it’s still worth it for the sheer convenience of getting shitfaced on a budget and not having to vomit in a taxi with halls only a two minute walk away.

There is a space opposite the Willow building that could hold over 1400 people and just goes unused. Hosting a night here every week would easily bump up our poor SU ratings. It’s close to both Cheney and Clive and even an easy walking distance from Div and Southfield so it would be a massive success. So what is stopping our SU from making the most of this massive opportunity?

The promised club…

You only need to look at places like Plymouth or Leeds where there are loads of small cheap places for students to drink and socialise. Just imagine how much more money our SU could bring in with a weekly night which is bound to attract over half the student body.

While lots of Brookes students still swear by the Cowley Retreat and then paying to get into Bridge or Atik, why bother with that expense when you could save on the taxi there and back and know the money you’re spending is going towards making the SU better.

Who doesn’t want a night club that you can see from your Tuesday 9 a.m which triggers all your bad decisions after that 6th Jägerbomb?

Let us know where you would prefer to go out, in town or on campus?