We spoke to the Brookes student who sneaked a pineapple into Fishies

He was covered in juice by the end of the night

Rob Howard, a third year English Language and Communications student managed to sneak a pineapple into the O2 last Wednesday night for Fishies.

We caught up with the American Football social sec after seeing him and his pineapple on the sesh in clubbers of the week.

So why did you have the pineapple in the first place?

“It was the trophy for the OBU Panthers pub golf that we were playing before Fishies last Wednesday. We originally got hold of it  because one of our second year players picked it up from outside the green grocers next to the Deli on Cowley Road and threw it at one of our first years. We made sure he paid for it as we’re all nice guys really, and respect other people’s property.”

That explains the golf ball lodged in the side.

How did you get it past the bouncers at the O2?

“I stuffed it down the back of my golfing fleece and had a team mate hold it there for the first bouncer in the committee queue. The second bouncer wanted to search my bum bag, and by this point the pineapple was out of the fleece so I was holding it behind my back while this bounce rummaged in my bum bag.”

What do you do with a pineapple when you’re in Fishies?

“We mainly paraded it around a lot, getting it in loads of club photos with the Panther thumb. I managed to get it into the committee room backstage as well, but that was easy as you just flash your wristband at the bouncer and hide the pineapple in your other hand.”


What eventually happened to the pineapple?

“It got ripped in half by another Panthers player – juice was everywhere. I mean, I was dripping in it. The leaves went flying into the crowd while the body of the pineapple got spiked into the dance floor and broke up into small chunks. Obviously I had to eat one of the chunks.”

“I want to set a precedent for all fruit and veg smugglers everywhere. But not broccoli, because broccoli is shit.”