Your reaction to Trump winning the US election

‘2016 is the year the world ends’

Wednesday 9th November 2016. Some may call this day doomsday, some may call this day the day we stepped, in fact, leaped backwards in humanity. Others simply know this day as the day that Donald Trump won the US Presidential election.

Here’s what you guys had to say:

Danny Meredith, Sports Science, third year

I’m scared. The future looks bleak. I woke up and said “fuck, shit, fuck”. His speech at the end was contradicting his whole campaign because he was asking for unity, while his whole campaign was about discrimination. God help us.

Second year Eliza Kelsey, Sports Science, and Imogen Turner, Environmental Science

Eliza: I’m surprised! I did not expect him to win. Very scared of the consequences!

Imogen: It’s fucking ridiculous. That and Theresa May proves that 2016 is the year the world ends.

Tyger Sanchez, Business Management, first year

We’re fucked bruv.

Amber Godfrey, Architecture, third year

He’s an asshole. I don’t really like him. Obviously he’s psychotic. I don’t know what else to say.

Alex Lopez, International Relations and Politics, first year

I’m not surprised. As soon as he won the primaries, I kind of called it, but I’m still shocked. It’s the beginning of the end. It’s either going to go really good or really bad.

Sam Long, Geography, first year

It was a bit of a shock and I think it’s a bit crazy having someone like Trump running America because he seems a bit insane. But it shows how there is this new movement against the establishment. It’s quite interesting. I think all of the things he said in his campaign, he won’t be able to do now because what he said was just too out there!

Ore Aiyesimoju, Law, first year

Is this a big prank or a joke? American people are so backwards − what’s wrong with them? Very shocked. I’m wishing that Clinton had won. I’m wishing that Obama could stay President forever. God can only help them now. I have family there. One in Alabama − which is Republican − and Georgia. But even there, I’m sure they must have voted Clinton! Also, in the footage, someone in the audience was holding up a sign saying “Muslim” or “Hispanic”. Why are people that he’s against supporting him? I just don’t understand.

William Barham, History, second year

I put a bet and won some money (£100) so I feel a bit of a snake. It’s going to create a lot of tension. I have a friend who’s studying in North Carolina, who is from England, and I don’t know how serious it is but there’s a lot of talk there about protests and rallies.

Rakesh Mutha, MA Urban Design

I don’t think he’s the right person because he does not have a political background. He wants the American people to get jobs, but he is making it difficult for immigrants to get jobs. I heard he wants to build a border between Mexico and America.

Antony Rizi, International Business Management, third year

It’s a sad day for the world. And as a Canadian, I’m willing to give shelter to the Americans while they get their Canadian citizenship.