How to keep warm without turning on your heating

It’s that time of year again

It’s well known that we don’t like to turn the heating on until the depths of winter. It’s too expensive, and nobody wants to choose between Fishies and being warm.

So here’s our best tips to get you through the winter months.

Layer up

That jumper your Granny knitted for you last Christmas and you thought you’d never wear? Here’s your chance to show Granny just how much you care and keep warm at the same time. Big fluffy dressing gowns on top of all your clothes are perfect too.


The oven is your best friend

Everyone needs to eat, so to keep warm and save money, just chill in your kitchen around the oven. You can even have pre-drinks next to it, grab a pack of playing cards, some friends and sit by the oven, it takes ages to cool down after you’ve cooked yourself.

Everyone needs a cuppa

Your mum always told you that a cup of tea solves all your problems, and when it’s this cold, you know it must be true. It keeps your hands warm when you hold it and soothes you as you attempt to type up that essay that you probably should have written last week.

Oven is bae

Oven is bae

Get a boyfriend/girlfriend

Don’t just rely on your own body, get another one to cuddle. Sharing is caring, and when it’s this cold there are plenty of activities you can do with another to keep yourselves warm.

Hot water bottles and hobo gloves

Blankets, hot water bottles, hobo gloves, fluffy slippers – invest in all of them. It might cost you now, but you’ll definitely save in the long term.


And if all else fails we are all paying £9000, so use the heating in the JHB, the fourth floor can get toasty.