Four Oxford Uni students have raised £400 and bought the Wahoo sign

They’ve got the sign with wings

A group of Oxford University students have bought the Wahoo sign after setting up a GoFundMe page, which raised over £400 in four hours.

George Fagan, Anna Harris, James Povey and Rob Smillie, who study at St. Peter’s College, got in touch with the night club yesterday, saying they were interested in purchasing the sign.

The students hastily set up a GoFundMe page, and raised £400 within four hours.

The Tab Brookes spoke to Anna Harris about the fundraising and acquiring the Wahoo sign.


Who’s idea was it to make the crowdfunding page?
There was a group of us sitting in the JCR the morning after the last college night out to Wahoo, reminiscing about all the good times that rolled, and we decided the best way to keep the legacy going was to buy a sign but thought it was probably a bit silly to ask college for the money, and so instead we decided to crowd fund the money from present and past JCR members whom loved the club as much as us.

How much were people giving?

Well we just asked people to give either £5 or £10.

Was it just your college who donated who other colleges as well?

Yeah just our college because we want to become the new JCBar and Grill as a tribute to the club.


And who do you think deserves the sign more, Oxford or Brookes?

Well DJ Ollie East is an honorary member of St Peter’s College so I feel like we have a claim there, but ultimately there’s no need for rivalry because we all just loved to see the good times roll

Did you ever go to Fuzz?

No we spent Wednesday’s recharging for Retox on Friday’s at Wahoo

How sad are you to see Wahoo go?

Unbelievably! But it will always live on in our hearts, and on our common room wall, RIP!

How much would you take from a Brookes student to sell it to you?

No price would match the memories Wahoo has given us! Or alternatively: 11,000 VKs.


Where is it hanging now?

It’s currently locked in a cupboard.

George Fagan, another member of the fundraising party, added: “Farewell Wahoo, king of clubs, whose long and faithful friendship those who knew you won’t forget.

“Though your building may decay, your spirit lingers on in the quiet VK filled places of your Oxford home.

“May your many bevved descendants ever flourish and your friends find solace for the loss they have sustained.”