We asked you for your favourite memories from Wahoo

Wahoo has seen it all

Wahoo has been a staple part of the Brookes night life for the past few years.  A lot has happened in that time with a lot of great memories.

Monday night was the last night for the club before they close their doors for good.

So we were there to ask you guys about your Wahoo memories, the weirder the better.

Ollie East, DJ

Best part of Wahoo: “I am.”

Jason Brade, second year, International Business, Economics and Finance

Best memory of Wahoo: “One time I was up on the stage and I walked off, landed head first and in the fetal position.”

Lou Frances Webb, third year, English Language and Communication

Favourite part about Wahoo: “The VKs obviously, you say VKs you think Wahoo.  Oh, and the fact you can get away with anything here, I could lie in the middle of the floor or take my top off and no one would care.”

Ben Hurdman, third year, Sports Coaching and Physical Education

Favourite thing about Wahoo: “Every night I have been here has been different but crazy, there’s always been a story to tell.”

Kirsten, Final Year, Hospitality

Best night at Wahoo: “I don’t know I can’t remember it … I fell over in the flooded toilets once.”

Second year Rae Florentine, Accounting and Max Collins, Architecture

Weirdest memory from Wahoo: “At one of the frat party nights everyone got naked in the hot tub and there was some semen floating around on the top of the water.”

Siobhan Jackman, second year, Publishing

Memory of Wahoo: “For some reason I always end up with mud on my legs, I don’t know where it comes from but when I get home and I check my legs, it’s always there.”

Georgia Winch, Ryan Moss, Imogen Davies, Laura Bucknall, second year, Architecture

Best memory of Wahoo: “One time I was on the podium, I jumped off and then I didn’t fall people just caught me, it was fun.”

Jasmine Mellor, second year, International Business Management

Memory of Wahoo: “My friend getting with three guys in one night and not remembering it.”

Jamie Johnson, second Year, International Business and Management and fresher William O’Neill, self proclaimed BNOC 

Wahoo Memory:  “I had to buy back my jumper by pulling someone during initiations.”

George McCormack, second year, Property Development and Planning

Best Wahooo memories: “It’s fucking lose!! Best night was probably when I was a bunny lifeguard and the girls were sorority girls.”

Molly Baker, second year, Sports Coaching and Rehabilitation

Wahoo memory: “Being pushed down a flight of stairs because I turned a girl down.”

Jake Hall, third year, Philosophy

Best Wahoo memory: “I commentated two lesbians getting off with each other…and I’ve shagged ten different guys that I’ve met here.”

Lee Scoles, Bouncer

Wahoo memory:  “Someone was showing off and tried to do a backflip in the middle of a circle and landed on their head.”

Amit Gadhavana, fourth year, IT management for Business

Wahoo Memory: “Fuzzies obviously, and crowd surfing on the last night of Fuzz.”

RIP good friend, we raise our VKs to you.