We asked freshers what’s the worst thing they’ve done this term so far

So many dirty secrets

First year is the time we learn how to depend on ourselves, move to a new and exciting place, attend all of our lectures with nothing but a fresh smile on our young faces. Could life get more beautiful than this?

Who are we kidding? Freshers are gross and university is the time to realise how truly disgusting and questionable our actions are, so what is better than doing it Brookes style?

We set out to find the best of the best, the worst of the worst and the dirtiest of them all.

Alice, Sports Coaching and Physical Education


At least you had fun?

I had shagged this guy a couple times after we met on Tinder, but then he introduced me to his girlfriend…

Jessica, International Business and Georgie, Medical Science


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day…

We had to do a forfeit, was sick afterwards, but took it like a champ.

Sam, Geography


Our personal favourite

It was my birthday and I was 18 shots deep already, I projectile vomited half way but I finished it alright.

Imo, Business and Marketing Management


How rude

I slapped and shouted at my chair when I was drunk the other night. It wasn’t replying to me whilst I talked to it. I thought I was in still in Bridge so I was telling the chair that we should leave.

Emma, Architecture


Seconds, anyone?

I wolfed down a McChicken Sandwich at the end of a night out. I went home but felt really sick so I grabbed a plate, took it to bed and threw up nearly the whole burger. The sesame seeds on the bun were still intact.

Archie, Business and Marketing


Cutie of the year goes to him

Clive Booth, Block F, Flat 3, Room D. Come round anytime after nine.

Molly, Fine Art


Let’s hope they don’t see this

My male flatmates were going to have pink and blue hair; unfortunately it only showed up a bit.

Alex, Architecture


He had a jaw-dropping time

My jaw locked in Emporium on a night out, so I had to get taken to A&E. The doctor injected me with a butt load of drugs in the arse but in drunken defence I slapped him round the face. However after all that, I was sent back to my flat still with the locked jaw. I woke up the next morning and put my jaw back in its place.