Which is better: Fishy’s or Fuzzy’s?

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In life there are always rivalries: Oxford vs. Cambridge, Harvard vs. Yale, Good Vs. Evil, and now Fishy’s vs. Fuzzy’s.

For many Brookes students life in Oxford comes hand in hand with Fuzzy’s, its been a constant in their lives. Classically located in town at Wahoo, with overflow into Warehouse (when that was still here, RIP) Fuzz was always a drunken night you could count on if you don’t want to remember the next day.


Third-year, Laura Turner, explained why Fuzz is great: “You know pretty much everyone there and they’re all in the exact same state as you – smashed. If you want an easy pull, Fuzz is the place for you.”

It also has a bigger smoking area and you have the obligatory Maccies drop in on the way home to wrap up your night.

Although a classic, Fuzz might need to step up its music game. Fishy has decent throwback music you can’t not love. Laura Blakemore told The Tab: “The music in Fuzz is average and over played.”

Not quite the huge rubber duck.

On the other hand you have Fishy’s, located at the O2 Academy in the heart of student living, Cowley. This means no taxi (for most), meaning you can drunkenly get there and back for free – every student’s favourite word. This does however mean no McDonalds on the stumble home, and unfortunately Kebab Kid just doesn’t cut it.


It may not be Fuzzy’s with the giant rubber duck in every picture, but it still boasts numerous sports teams with “fit muscley boys in hilarious fancy dress” and drunken shenanigans are still a guarantee.


It’s larger inside and the overall layout gives more space, with patches of great air con to cool you off. The smoking area may not be as big as Fuzzy’s but you do see some Cowley locals, which is always entertaining.


So the old classic or the younger, newer model? Cast your vote below: