Clive Booth is the Loosest Halls at Brookes

It got more the 45 per cent of the vote

On Monday we asked you which halls is the loosest at Brookes and you came back with a definitive answer: it’s Clive Booth.


As if there was any doubt who would win in the end with a population of about 1,600 loose freshers and post-grads, the old site of the SU bar is still the heart of the party at Brookes.

Beating their neighbours in Cheney by nearly 70 votes, Clive has always been the place to be whether it’s Monday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. There is always a party happening between M block at the top and X block at the bottom.

pres clive

Clive Booth is know for packing an entire block into one flat and in the non-en suite you can get two blocks into the bridge flats.

Cheney managed to get 33 per cent of the vote, Crescent coming in third with 15 per cent, and the Harcourt bringing up the rear with just six per cent of the vote.

It’s now official where Brookes students love to party and where the loosest people live in first year: Clive ‘Budget’ Booth.