Voting is now open for the Brookes’ Loosest Halls award


The time has come to finally decide which halls throws the biggest pres and has the loosest residents. Vote for the place your best memories were made and you threw up in your sink before your 9am.



They’re called Crescent peasants for a reason. It’s simple: their rent is so cheap they can afford to go for mad nights out five times a week. There ain’t no party like a Crescent Hall party. Everyone knows everyone and it’s pretty likely that the people you see passed out in their sick outside Purple Turtle probably evolved from Crescent. Oh, and not to mention that it always smells like weed?



The loosest chateau around. It’s posh boy parties and prosecco every night. They’re in Bridge at least twice a week and they all wear Ox event caps. Brookes’ fittest freshers appear from Cheney – they’re at the gym pumping weights in one hand and they’ve got a can of beer in the other. Cheney have the kind of mad nights out where you head to Fishy’s and wake up in Manchester the next day with no clue what happened. Daddy’s money means that splashing out on VIP is no biggy, just a bottle of Bolly for the table please.

Clive Booth


It’s so big there’s literally always a party going on. They’re always at Fuzz, they’re sports mad and they can strawpeedo VKs quicker than anyone else at Brookes. You can guarantee that you’ll live with at least three promoters too, so you’ll literally be dragged out to every cheap cellar night going. Notorious for popping pills before a big night out to see Hannah Wants at O2 and ending up in bed with several randoms at once, it doesn’t get much looser than Clive.

Harcourt Hill Hall/Westminster


Someone actually loved it that much that they got a tattoo that said “straight outta Harcourt”. If that’s not loose then what is? Being out in the sticks at Botley means that they have to pre pretty hard if they want to still be drunk by the time the U1 finally gets to Atik (yep, they’re the kinda people that go to Atik on a Saturday night).