Everything that’s bound to happen in Anuba

It’s the pre-drinks after your pre-drinks

MNB is only MNB with a bit of Anuba action. Its super cheap drinks, smoking area next to Bridge and banging tunes make it the key to a good night out.


Anuba can be found behind Bridge and opposite Atik. Its the mandatory first stop of MNB. It’s £5 entrance which also pays for your entrance to Bridge later in the night so its like 2 clubs for the price of one.

The silly freshers never find out about Anuba until about week four or five, so there’s barely ever a queue to get in, and if there is, it’s always a hell of a lot shorter than the Bridge queue.

You won’t leave for Bridge until Anuba closes, its like against the rules.



You’ll get in and look straight up at the TV which displays the drinks prices. It’s £2 for a single and £2 for double, you’re obvs gunna get a double, and probably a lot of them – if you’re not double parked in Anuba, you’re doing it wrong. You probably won’t find anyone without at least two drinks in their hands.

You’ll never buy anything but a vodka mixer in Anuba. One of your mates won’t even make it to Bridge from all the cheap doubles, oh well, at least it was a cheap night.

You’ll probably make the school boy error of venturing into Bridge early with your friend who is dying to gyrate to Justin Beiber on the first floor. After busting a few moves, you’ll deffo get thirsty and go to order another drink at the bar, only to discover that Bridge drinks are more expensive than Anuba, and you haven’t enough money to pay for them. But alas, Anuba doesn’t close till 12 so you can always make your way back there for another dose of double vod crannies.



You’ll always see crowds of people you know in Anuba. But even if you know absolutely no one, just get on the double vods and I’m sure you’ll fall into a friendship circle, literally.


Smoking area

You know you’re gunna have a good time in the Anuba smoking area because it’s one of the most friendly in Oxford. Free fags will be thrown at you left right and centre, even if you don’t smoke.  And the best thing of all is that both Anuba and Bridge smoking areas are linked, so you’ll be darting through both, maximising your smoking and socialising space.


You’ll get your your dance moves for Bridge warmed up in Anuba as it always plays banger after banger; it’s the club before the club.

Oh, and the DJ is always sound as fuck.