The world university rankings are so wrong about Brookes

They don’t even take into account Fuzzy Ducks

In the latest QS rankings, Oxford Brookes fell from 324th to 359th.

While we might have fallen in the official eyes of the QS rankings, it doesn’t make Brookes any less of an amazing uni. So if you’re a fresher about to start in a couple of weeks, relax. You don’t need to think about a second gap year just yet.


Stick with us x

Brookes might not be the best in the world at academia, but that is not what university is all about, unless you are boring. I’m sure if you ask any Brookes student that doesn’t do nursing or architecture they will say that the social scene and all other extra-curricular activities that are available here at Brookes are what make it one of the best universities in the world. 

One key factor the stats won’t take into consideration when making their rankings is something I like to call the “Fuzzy Factor”, of which we score the highest in the country.

Fuzzies ft image

Does he look like he’s not enjoying uni?

Some of our greatest stories from university will come from those crazy nights out, or that time you ended up speaking to Old Man Bridge for an hour in Maccy’s after the club. You will never start a story off by saying: “This one time we were sat in out third lecture of the day and…”

No where else parties like Brookes students on a Wednesday night, and that’s why we’re probably so good at sports as well. Not only do our rowers crush regularly on the world stage, such as at the Rio Olympics  this summer, but we’re pretty amazing at pretty much every sport you can think of.


QS rankings don’t count our Olympic medals

Brookes students are also super employable, something the rankings claim we aren’t. They gave us a score of 69 out of 100, but did they not realise that we don’t need employers help as we just create our own jobs.

So don’t lose hope just yet freshers, there is still hope for you yet. Just remember that you’re attending the best university in the world, for you.