Brookes’ BNOC of the year: Round eight

We’ve saved the best until last

We’ve got more BNOC’s than we know what to do with.

Vote here and decide who makes it to the final.

Fred Edwards, 1st year, Real Estate

Fred Edwards

Described by his friends as a Sexy Motherfucka.

Roddy Giles, 1st year, International Business foundation

Roddy Giles

Just knows everybody. He goes out 4/5 times per week regardless of due work. He’s a Rugby 1st team fly half as well as an international rugby player. His friends known him as ‘The male bicycle of Cheney.’

Once in Fuzz, he went home with a girl, got a taxi back and went home with another one at the end of the night, leaving the first girl in his bed.

Andrew Pedersen, SU President

Andrew Pederson

Has anyone ever seen this man out of a suit?

Kai Jones, 2nd year, Medical Biology

kai Jones

Kai is known throughout campus as a social butterfly. He is a promotions manager for Addictive Events (Kandy and Skint), as well as being on next years committee as stash/sponsorship for Brookes Snow. You will never miss him on a night out being in the middle of the dance floor or making some shit joke in the smoking area.

 Jack ‘J-Swag’ Stratton, 2nd year, Sports Science

Jack Stratton

He is one of Brookes’ lacrosse gods. You may have seen him in Fuzz with his classic blonde stripe down his head, a VK in his hand and a girl on his arm. Everyone who’s anyone knows J Swag and his crazy Fuzz outfits – he’s an unsung hero and one of the craziest second year clubbers around.