Brookes BNOC of the Year: Round two

Why are they all so good looking?

This is so much more than just a popularity contest. 

Jason Woodley, 2nd year, Sociology and Communications, Media and Culture

Jason Woodley

He is just so pretty and knows EVERYONE.

Jason almost got ‘kidnapped’ by a rogue cab driver after leaving a well known bar. The cab driver drove off with Jason still in the cab after his female companions unknowingly got out of the cab. After a while he tried to get out of the cab however due to a broken knee he found it difficult to get out quickly. His three female companions realised what was happening and proceeded to try ‘save’ him.

Charlotte Self, 1st year, Business and Marketing Management

Charlotte Self

The name speaks for itself.

Bee Vivian-Crowder, 1st year, History of Art

bee vivian crowder

Born legend.

Conor McKenzie, 3rd year, Politics and International Relations

conor McKenzie

Just a fucking mental pol student known by all as the ‘serial stripper’ for his banterous behaviour on nights out at Plush and PT- one item of clothing per Drake remix. Puts the thirst in Thirst.

Got arrested for breaking a table in McDonalds and squaring up to the manager whilst threatening to ‘put [his] ass on the floor bro’, also once moulded his penis and sent it to his ex girlfriend. Watch out VG.

Chalwe Silwizya, 2nd year, Real Estate

Chalwe Silwiya

Zimbabwe Boy. Commonly known as Mr. We Love, AoC rep, runs Friday Lolas. Borderline Alcohlic. More nights out a week that lectures attended.