Brookes’ BNOC of the Year: Round one

Who’s your fave?

It’s now time to decide who is the biggest BNOC Brookes has to offer this year. 

James Doorbar, 3rd year, Business Studies

On the right

On the right

James is a “full time legend. Full time boozer. Best bloke around.” His life is just one funny story.

Joe Tickle, 3rd year, Sound Engineering

Joe Tickle

He’s constantly bumping into people he knows wherever you go with him.

Mr Hollywood made the transition from king wet to Mr Hollywood and his famous concoction of nights out, girls and djing that Brookes know him for.

Taz Essat, Engineering


He knows everyone and everyone knows him. He’s a DJ and basically in charge of addictive events.

Chris Clowes, 1st year, Engineering

Chris Clowes

He writes for The Tab and brought his mum to Bridge, need I say more? Also seems to be out every night.

Henrietta Tidbury, 2nd year, Events Management

Henrietta Tidbury

From managing events to being at them, there ain’t a party she’s not at! She’s moved from being the queen of hotel chenois to being a regular fixture in the Bridge album.

She once was thrown out of Bridge for managing to sneak an entire bottle of Smirnoff in before setting up on a table with her mates as if they’d bought it.