People who save seats in the library are the worst people at Brookes

Just stop it

David Cameron’s disappointed in you, your mum’s disappointed in you and we’re disappointed in you.

It’s Monday morning and waking up to the reality of deadlines creates a moment of dread to run through your brain. Although, reluctant to remove yourself from bae #1, (your bed) you somehow find the strength to get up and ready for the long day of work. You eat your Coco Pops, grab your over packed bag and leave.

Upon arrival at the library, you walk in and immediately sense the fear and anxiety of other students who are frantically typing in order to get their assignments finished before deadlines. You know that this will be you in a short while, but, oh wait, there’s no seats left. You search every floor in the building and still no luck.

Hope begins to slowly slip away until, out of nowhere, you notice a spare seat.

A smile begins to emerge at the corner of your mouth. But, as you approach, you see a coat draped over the chair, a bag neatly tucked under the desk and a water bottle hidden behind the computer screen. You conclude that this seat is already taken, yet, proceed to click the mouse to confirm your assumptions.

Yes, the bastard is still logged on.

Now, this would be acceptable if they’d only popped to Starbucks to buy some work munch or to the toilet, but you ask the person sat next to the seat how long they’ve been gone for and they reply “I’ve been here two hours and they haven’t been here”.

What a fucking liberty.

Are you serious

In a mix of anger, disappointment and desperation, there are several options to choose from:

  • Move on in search of another seat – although you’ve already looked everywhere.
  • Wait around until they return – there’s a possibility they will leave.
  • Keep them logged on, do your work and hope they don’t return – after all they’ve already been gone two hours, maybe they’ll be another 4.

You opt for option three. Get your work done and leave.

They still never returned.

Speaking on behalf of all students: To whoever you are, stop saving seats in the library. It’s unnecessary hassle and really really annoying.