Brookes art students silently protested for Freedom of Speech yesterday

Could this start a new social movement?

Brookes first year art students were seen in a formation outside JHB yesterday, displaying large photographs which covered their faces.

The photographs also depicted people covering their mouths.

The thought-provoking stunt was pulled to protest for the freedom of speech.

The art students said: “By silencing ourselves we’re taking away the power for others to silence us, such as the media and the government, on speaking out on topics that matter to us”.

Shortly after the stunt began, a crowd of fascinated onlookers gathered around to watch and take pictures in attempts to find out what was going on.

Georgina Brook said: “Today went well. I felt pretty powerful and got a bit of a buzz from it. We’ll probably be on Yik Yak later”.

An exhibition is being held on 19th April at Richard Hamilton building, Headington Hill to showcase the art student’s work.

Georgina added “bring your friends, your mum, your dad. They’ll be free food and drink, and even an ice cream van!”