Lola Lo’s ladies night is offensive to men and women

We should be equal

Lola has decided to have a ladies weekend.

This means if you were lucky enough to be born female you get free entry til 11:30pm and more on Friday night.

This then continues on to Saturday night where all ladies will have free entry until 11pm.

Clubs all around the country have had ladies nights for years where just because you’re born female you get free entry, free drinks and discounts on VIP tables.

Since, 2010 the Equality Act means you aren’t allowed to discriminate based on gender – so why are nightclubs still doing just that?

Men shouldn’t have to pay for entry if women don’t. It’s unfair and it goes completely against the fact that we are equal.

People argue that you could class it as positive discrimination but it’s not. Positive discrimination would be setting a rate and then charging women less based on the gender pay gap.

The idea then would be that people are paying for entry fairly and based on their income. Women earn less, so they pay less, that argument can spiral though and some men earn less than women so to make it completely fair it would get mathematically complicated.

So, we should all pay the same price. As much as I like getting things for free as a woman, I would far rather live in an equal society.


Girls wear pink and drink flowery cocktails right?

And the EU agrees, young men and women have to pay the same amount for car insurance despite statistics showing that young men are far more likely to have an accident. When the European Court of Justice decided to stop the car insurance discrimination it said that it cannot justify direct discrimination.

So what is the difference between paying the same car insurance and paying the same entry to a nightclub?

It’s time that companies started following the Equality Act and started treating people equally.

Free entry for all, surely.