The EGB Summer Ball are giving away free ice cream

It’s outside JHB right now

You can get a free ice cream and get a chance to win a free ticket to ball later this summer.

Studying hard in JHB right now?

Need some ice cold refreshment, free of charge?


The EGB guys have got you covered with the free ice cream van outside JHB on the Colonnade.

enjoying the summer sun with free ice cream

enjoying the summer sun with free ice cream

It will be there until 3 this afternoon and loads of hard working students  have been taking advantage of the free snack already.


William Conroy-Smith 3rd year architecture student told The Tab, “It’s very nice, it’s lovely. I like ice cream.”

It seems everyone is loving the free ice cream and is almost forgetting that they could be winning a free ticket as well.


Lilly Thomas 1st year real estate said, “Brilliant. Couldn’t have done it better right outside JHB.” Lilly is all about the location, location, location.


Angus Shaw 1st year real estate said, “Absolutely fantastic. Love stuff that’s free.”

The ice cream van will be back on Monday from 11-3 again to keep everyone going through deadlines.