Things you only know if you grew up in Somerset

The Wurzels are amazing

Somerset is England’s hidden gem.

Full of beautiful scenery, rolling hills, gorgeous beaches and it’s home to some of the best festivals in the UK. Despite the fact that nobody actually knows anything about it,  it’s the place you love to hate.

Here’s what it’s like living there.

No one has ever heard of where you’re actually from

You spent the whole of freshers week telling people that you were from near Bristol or Exeter because no one has actually heard of Taunton, except as that place they drove through to get to Cornwall on holiday.

And they’ll put on an accent when they realise

As soon as they find out it’s in the West Country they put on that accent, even though you probably don’t have it. And you’ve definitely been asked if you’re a farmer before.

You know someone who can drive a tractor

And they probably drove it to school to take their GCSEs because their parents needed the car. You pretty much have to drive to get anywhere because public transport is awful, so as soon as you could get a car you did. You became the official driver if you were the oldest out of your friends too. A car meant freedom and road trips to the beach every weekend, but you did have to brave Wickes roundabout.

Only in Somerset.

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You feel like Bristol is home too 

When your parents finally let you and your friends take the train to Bristol by yourself, weekends became about shopping in Cabot Circus and pretending you were in Skins. You probably had at least one friend who auditioned to be an extra too. But Bristol is still technically ‘up north’.

If you’re from Somerset, the North/South divide starts with Bristol. None of these other people truly live in the south, and there’s no such thing as the Midlands.

Clubbing is shit so parties are better

So you know how to throw a proper house party, and even a field party. After spending your pocket money in Cabot, you could head home, grab a tent and your wellies and head to the nearest field with all of your parents random alcohol cupboard. Or if you didn’t feel like getting muddy then Perkin was the only place to be on a Saturday night. (Because it is the only place). Followed by a greasy kebab from Tuckers then a ridiculously expensive taxi ride home, or a really long walk for the brave.

Perkin Shots

Perkin Shots

You know what real cider is 

None of that Strongbow rubbish for us. Whilst every other 15 year old got drunk on Frosty Jacks and White Lightening, you had Sheppys, Thatchers, and Chaplin and Cork’s. It’s still painful not being able to find real cider anywhere else, so when you go home you always bring some back with you.

Everyone knows everyone

You can’t go into town without bumping into someone who knows that you got with Kelly’s older brother last weekend whilst you were totally smashed because you had two bottles Smirnoff Ice. Or one of your parents friends who remembers you from when you were two and so that means you have to have the awkward conversation about how much you’ve grown and your mum must be so proud of you for getting an A in your Chemistry mock whilst all your friends are stood around laughing at you.


You can’t go anywhere without seeing grass either

Somerset is basically just one big field, so you’ve definitely been stuck in a traffic jam because some sheep or cows were trying to cross the road. It’s really annoying if you’re trying to drive anywhere, but really good for festivals. Glastonbury festival is in Somerset so you automatically have great music taste but you’re secretly a huge fan of the Wurzels too.

You’ve probably had to wipe cow pat off you at some point too.

We also have some of the prettiest beaches in the South West so no matter where you go you’re surrounded by amazing scenery. It’s pretty great living somewhere everyone else goes on holiday.

The prettiest of all the beaches. #minehead #beach #indiansummer

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You’ve probably tried stalking Peter Andre

Since Marcus Mumford got married in Bridgwater, celebrity spotting is definitely a thing around Somerset. If you live in Taunton, you’ve almost definitely become Peter Andre’s biggest fan.

You’re probably also still wondering why someone chose to get married in Bridgwater. Even if you’re from there you’d rather say you’re from Taunton.

The biggest story in the news is definitely non news

Somebody once took a picture of some spilt milk…. and it got into the newspaper. Basically nothing ever happens but if you took part in Taunton in Bloom or Wellington in Bloom then your parents still have the newspaper cutting proudly displayed for everyone to see.

They definitely still have the picture of you starting primary school that was in the Somerset County Gazette too.

You miss having a carnival at uni

Think Rio de Janeiro, think Notting Hill, think Cowley Road Carnival…. and then think Bridgwater, Home of Carnival. At least, according to signpost saying welcome to Bridgwater.

The annual carnival was the place to be every October, if you weren’t there who even were you? 15 year old girls wearing as little as possible in the middle of autumn, every one of them wanted to be the carnival princess. Parents buying children random bunny ears and light sabers that would definitely be broken by the end of the night. Who else can say that every year since they were born they were blinded and deafened by the flashiest floats around?

No one ever spared a thought for the person who had to work in Out of the Blue serving fish and chips that night. It was a lonely job.

No matter where you go, Somerset will always be your home.