Students forced to live in mould are told to ‘deal with it’

We’re sick of being told to open the windows

 A mother and her seven-week old baby were recently awarded £10,500 from their landlord after being forced to live in mouldy and dirty conditions.
Council inspectors found 10 people living in the five bedroom house just off the Cowley Road. Oxford landlord Khadam Hussain was confirmed as the owner and eventually pleaded guilty and was fined £8000 overall. Inspectors found the bathroom damp and mouldy and the kitchen greasy with broken and dirty appliances.

a standard sight for students

But it seems like every student you speak to is living in a sea of mould, and are instructed to deal with the issue themselves. It’s hiding in the kitchen cupboards, it’s lurking on bathroom tiles and it’s growing on the ceiling. Students are told to invest in dehumidifiers, with the most reliable ones often costing over £100. Seriously, that’s like 4 nights out at Bridge.
We’re sent patronising leaflets telling us to open windows and have the heating on low, as if it will magically make your greasy box room mould free. Why are we less important than a mother? We’re human beings too.
After finding mould on his bedroom windowsill, second year computer science student Jack was told to resolve the issue by wiping the area down with a cloth and bleach himself.
Jack said: “It’s pretty disgusting that we are told to deal with the problem ourselves. We’re paying thousands of pounds in rent and this is what we have to deal with”.

This could be making you ill

Second year English Lit student George also found mould in his room and was even visited by a specialist mould inspector. George told The Tab: “All he did was tell me to open the window”.
Mould produces allergens, irritants and sometimes toxic substances. By inhaling or touching mould, students are placed at risk of allergic reactions such as sneezing, red eyes and a skin rash. In a severe form, mould can also cause asthma attacks which doesn’t bode well when exams are looming. Despite this, students are still subjected to having to live in disgusting conditions.  It’s dangerous, it’s unfair, it’s disgusting.

Councillor Bob Price, leader from Oxford City Council said: “It is unacceptable for landlords to collect the rent while allowing their properties to deteriorate and fall into disrepair.


“The dreadful conditions which our inspectors found at this property damage tenants’ health and standard of living, and cannot be tolerated in this city.”

So why are we still living in this filth?