Why the JHB is the best uni library in the UK


It’s new, it’s modern, it’s sleek and it’s sexy, The John Henry Brookes building is the heart of the university.

All Brookes students go there everyday if not at least once or twice a week.

Its cornucopia of food outlets means you don’t even have to go home to cook a meal. The JHB provides you with your daily dose of Starbucks, so you can be a basic white girl all day, every day.

The greasy chips at the Union bar will sort out your hangover and the healthier Deli sandwiches should keep your “new year new you” diet in check.


Who is always with you when you’re crying in the third floor silent area over your tragic essay on the Reign of Charles I? John Henry Brookes of course. The basement is there for the bookworms, a place to hide away from the rest of the world and do your work by your lonesome self.

The forum is there for the popular kids, the ones who come to the library to socialize and pretend to do work.

The fourth floor silent area is where you will find those who are cramming for an exam the night before and the platform is there for you just to use the vending machines and to look down on the peasants in the forum or even spy on your one night stand from Fuzzies the next day.


Bae where are you?

The JHB is open 24 hours, seven days a week, so when you’re finishing your essay in the early hours of the morning, the JHB will be there to keep you company no matter what.

The careers centre is there for your quarter-life crisis. A place to chat about your future career which you don’t want to go in to. The Upgrade centre is there for your untidy essays, a place to turn that 2:2 into a 2:1. In these times of crises, don’t forget the disabled toilets, a place for your midnight rendezvous and stress reliever with that random person you flantered with on YikYak.

12842654_10153472410688730_1588493486_oHaven’t got a house yet for your second or third year? Don’t worry about it, you could probably get away with living in the JHB.

Take away the JHB and you’re left with Clerici, Harcourt or worse: Wheatley.

Let’s be honest, we wouldn’t even have a university if it wasn’t for the JHB.12422432_10153472203693730_1378241887_o

The only bae you need is the JHBae.