Snapchat used to be fun

Nobody needs an invite to pres in a pictures

Just Instagram it to your millions of followers instead. I don’t care.

Snapchat’s day has come and gone. 2016 is a new year, full of new apps so why are you still sending me three second pictures of your Starbucks?

The only thing Snapchat is useful for now is sending a cheeky 2 am picture to bae. And even then, they probably won’t get it until the morning, the moment’s gone and your hangover has set in.

Nobody wants to see how well your dissertation is going. We’re too busy crying over ours, so stop taking 10 second pictures of your word count and let us pretend that you’ve got even fewer words.

Stop making me feel bad

Drunk Snapchats are even worse, you wake up to a story of someone drunkenly dancing and singing to Beyonce before realising that they really are a single lady, crying into their vodka coke and falling into a taxi. I don’t need to see that, especially if I’m the one in the story.

And those super long stories are the worst. 100 seconds is too long. I hate having notifications so I have to click on every single one of your  photos just to get rid of it. Fuve minutes of my life wasted because you love your puppy/bae/friends/wine.

You're not original

You’re not original

Snapchat used to be fun, when we could make fun of the rich kids burning money or you could spend hours painting a masterpiece to rival Van Gogh, but since they added the faces, all I see now is people puking rainbows. It’s not funny and it’s the 15th one I received today.

Nobody needs an invite to pres in a picture. A WhatsApp group is so much easier, and then if you can’t go, you won’t be given a serious case of FOMO from some drunken banter. You can leave a WhatsApp group, you can’t escape an unwanted Snapchat.

I knew it was cold before this snap. pointless.

I knew it was cold before this snap. pointless.

You know an app is dead when your mum starts using it (unless she’s one of those super trendy parents). Getting a snap from your mum about how much she’s enjoying her free time while you’re at uni is not fun, even worse when they’re reminding you to eat healthy while she’s enjoying her massive Sunday roast.

So please stop sending me all your pointless Snapchats, I don’t want to see them, unless you really have painted the next masterpiece.