Third years trekked from Covered Market to Headington Hill with a giant Christmas tree

It took them 45 minutes

Five boys missioned from the Covered Market all the way up Headington Hill with an enormous Christmas tree.

The trek took them 45 minutes – a tradition they’ve held dear since their first fresher Christmas.

The legen-tree boys dubbed the mission Operation T.I.T (Tree in Transit), and even forked out £99 for it.

Third year English Literature and Drama student, Tobias Deakin, said: “After our first experience of a student Christmas, we were pining for more. As yew’d all know if you read this article published last month, when it comes to Christmas I am Buddy the Elf, Richard Attenborough, and James Stewart all rolled into one: I embody Christmas.

“After long talks with my co-mission founder, Harry Pryke and our possy, we decided for my last Christmas as a Brookes student we’d go the extra mile this year.

“The tradition originated in my first year flat at Clive Booth hall, in bringing a monster eight-foot Christmas tree back to the distinguished X12.”


The tree-mendous journey begins


The Route

He added: “It continued into second year, but alas it didn’t quite hit the dizzying heights I’d anticipated, Christmas fanatic that I am.

“Many questioned us with furrowed brows as to why we didn’t get the tree delivered. Many said £99 is too much for a Christmas tree, but you can’t put a price on happiness.”

Co-mission founder and second year Motorsport Engineering student, Harry Pryke, told The Tab: “I wholeheartedly backed Toby up on this one. While many might be unfamiliar with the architecture of Clive Booth stairwells, I think we can both agree our first year’s expedition was a more arduous task.”


The first year expedition

Oxford Brookes Universitree

He added: “This was not only a task of tradition, but an exercise in bringing joy to the people of Oxford who witnessed this great Yuletide pilgrimage.

“We made bilateral relationships with the USA, as an American civilian complimented us on the tree. This was after crossing Magdalen Bridge.

“I have stood at the foot of Mt Everest, but the determination and endeavour I saw on my comrades’ faces when seeking to conquer Oxford’s infamous hill, filled me with the hope and comfort we could take our tree, our house’s sixth tenant, back safely to Headington.


What a tree-t

“The main reason I assisted Toby on this journey today was because I believed it was the right way to end Toby’s tenure at Brookes.

“It will be a long lasting memory. Getting the tree delivered would have been forgettable, but spending the afternoon with my friends, having fun and spreading Christmas joy is something that none of us will forget.”

We eagerly await updates on Headington’s most famous tree.