Meet the third year single mum with a 17-week-old baby

She got pregnant after a ‘drunken fling’

Sarah Evans came to Brookes in 2012 and threw herself straight into uni life… until she found out she was pregnant.

The Animal Biology and Wildlife Conservation student got pregnant from a drunken fling, and since giving birth to her baby girl Raegan has juggled being a single mum, uni and singing as an Adele tribute act. Sarah, 32, told The Tab having a new born baby to after has meant she’s had to think more seriously about the future.

She said: “Having a baby changed my whole perspective on uni. It’s no longer about me, it’s about making sure Raegan has the best possible future ahead of her. When Raegan was first born, I struggled with the mother-daughter bond, but now she’s my whole life, I wouldn’t change anything.”

Sarah and Reagan

Sarah and Raegan

Originally from Weston-Super-Mare, Sarah was unable to come to uni when she was younger because her mum was terminally ill. She struggled a lot, took a lot of drugs and partied, which resulted in an unwanted pregnancy when she was 18.

She added: “It was completely different this time around, even though I knew I was going to be a single mum and at uni I just felt far more ready to have a child, I just couldn’t justify not having her.”

Sarah also struggled with depression for most of her 20s and managed to pull through, and told us how she thinks her experiences when she was younger will probably help her be a better Mum to Raegan in the future.


Did coming to uni as a mature student make you more focused?

“It made me regress more than anything, I fell back into that 20-year-old lifestyle, not worrying about the future, just about what’s happening now. I used to jet off to Dubai in the middle of term to sing, not worrying about catching up on work. I think it made me emotionally stunted.”

Did having a baby change that?

“Definitely. I’ve had to change how I’m doing my degree, I can’t do a dissertation any more because I wasn’t able to get the data for it. At the time I was heavily pregnant and not able to head abroad. It’s definitely made me think more about my future too, I’ve not been able to do the work experience necessary for a job in my field either but I can’t wait to graduate and get the photo with Raegan. I’ve even started looking at mortgages for next year, something I could never imagine myself doing.”

How do you cope juggling everything?

“The little things like washing hair and makeup have definitely got a lot harder, but CBeebies is amazing. I can just put Raegan in her rocker for half and hour and it gives me time to do the washing up, throw something in the slow cooker and organise things.”


Eight months pregnant and still performing

What about lectures?

“At first I took her with me, if she needed feeding I would do it discreetly but then it just became easier to get a registered child minder who can stimulate her mind and look after her while I focus on lectures. I really miss her but I just tell myself it’s for the greater good.”

You also perform as a tribute act, how do you fit it in?

“Lists, lots and lots of lists, my whole day is planned from start to finish and I make sure that when I go to bed I know exactly what I’ll be doing when I get up. I’m so disorganised but I’ve suddenly had to juggle everything and write all these lists on my phone so I can make sure I fit everything in. There’s a computer room next to the laundry so I just put my washing on and use the time to make sure I’m getting my work done. I’m really lucky to have a supportive family too.”

Sarah meeting Adele whilst performing as her.

Sarah meeting Adele while performing as her

Reagan after a full night's sleep

Raegan after a full night’s sleep

What about dating? And has it put you off casual sex?

“The pill failed, so yes, definitely put me off casual sex, I just don’t have a libido anymore. Dating is hard, I feel a little embarrassed having to tell them I had a baby as a result of a drunken fling and I don’t really have the time. Keeping up a social life is hard enough without having to get to know a guy and spend time with him too. It’s not off the cards though, I’d definitely like to if I had the time.”