What’s in your wardrobe? Meet Brookes’ next top model

Primark never looked so good

With the first semester coming to a close, Julie Oti, a second year Architecture student, is busy battling deadlines, building her own brand and modelling on the side. 

Julie explains she doesn’t have distinct look: instead, she likes to experiment with different styles from different eras. She told The Tab: “I like having a versatile look adaptable to my mood, weather or occasion. I’m all about comfort in my clothing with the feel good, look good mentality. I wear things that make me feel confident and comfortable.”

Her mother has been a strong influence on her style.  Julie added: “She dresses very classy and is a girly girl, wearing things which make her stick out from a crowd and bold daring colour, as well as always being in heels. An outfit isn’t fully complete without a good pair of heels. I bring forth the same qualities she does to my own clothing.”


Every outfit looks better in heels


The green coat here is from Primark

High street shops are where Julie buys most of her clothes.  Her green coat (above) is from Primark and she pairs it with her black outfit to add an extra edge.

In this outfit below, Julie takes double denim to a new level by pairing it with stripes and her Topshop black boots.  She said: “This winter I’ve been looking a lot at denims and solid colours. All black, all grey, all denim, all nude and suede outfits then having a bold lipstick to give a pop to the clothes I wear.”

As well as planning events with Brookes’ Fashion Society in her role as Social Sec, Julie is also a freelance model and has taken part in numerous fashion shows and shoots.  She told us: “I first started modelling very causally and the fashion shows and shoots I’ve done have been both here and in Swaziland. I really like the adrenaline from the run way and the vibes the crowd gives.”


Double denim is back


The second year is also a freelance model

“Feminine” is the key word Julie uses to describe her look.  Edgy clothes which flatter her figure are a staple in her wardrobe. In this outfit, the bodycon dress is from New Look.

Using this passion for modelling and the fashion industry as a whole, she has launched her own clothing line called Julie Oti Couture.  She said: “I create clothes that bring forth my style to like minded people. The clothes are made for everyone to feel comfortable and confident in their own shape. ”

I tend to match my items somehow, be it shoes and bags or lipstick and nails to make sure the colours don’t clash,” she added.  Both the dress and shoes in this outfit are from Primark.


Budget fashion never looked so good


Check out more of Julie’s style on her Instagram.

Photography by Khalifa Suleiman – Brookes Photographic Society – www.instagram.com/khalifa.photo – https://www.facebook.com/khalifasspace.