What is the weirdest thing you’ve eaten?

One of them had a chicken heart

In times of desperation, when others have made you or just because you want to, we’ve all eaten something a bit questionable.

Biba Randle-Caprez, English and Philosophy, second year

12200785_10153235410393730_248626993_n“I alternate between soy sauce and mango chutney on my roast potatoes.”

Tom Firth, Business and Management, second year


“My housemate put chilli in my homemade cupcakes, I haven’t had cupcakes since.”

Zack Davies, Real Estate, second year


“I had a chicken heart at an all you can eat restaurant.”

Elle Davison, Business Management, fourth year


“I eat dry spaghetti when I can’t be bothered to cook it.”

Savannah Rado, Business Management and Publishing Media, second year


“I quite often eat frozen peas still frozen.”

Harry Bush, Law, third year


“I ate some out of date sandwiches, left over from a convention.”

Aakifah Imran, Philosophy, second year


“I love dunking chips in chocolate milkshakes.”

Louis Houiller, Geography and International Relations, second year


“Nutella with full English breakfast.”

Derbhla Slevin, History of Art, second year


“Got to love a good Ostrich burger.”

Jack Bradshaw, Sports Coaching, second year

12207902_10153238161403730_195645098_n“On a bus to Salou I ate a tin of sardines, a can of dog food, two scotch bonnet chillies and washed it down with tequila.”