What’s in your wardrobe? Meet Brookes’ hottest male model

‘Any time is a good-look time’

With winter fast approaching, we met Brookes male model and Fashion Society Social Sec Jason Woodley to find out how he’s dressing this season.

Jason says: “I would say I prefer the classy upper-east side kind of look, taking pride in my appearance is important to me because not only do I want to give off a good impression at any given time, but I love doing it so why not?”
Jeans and shirts are key staples to Jason’s wardrobe. “My winter clothes are by far my favourite because I love the fashion this time of year. Expect to see me in shirts, jeans and then a jacket.”
The jeans that he wears in this outfit are from Hollister whilst the shirt is from All Saints, a brand that is staple to his look.
The jacket that Jason wears in this outfit is from Whistles and is one of his favourite items in his wardrobe.  He says: “My jackets are all my prize possessions as I spend most of my income on getting the ones that look good, feel good and give a good impression.
“Tight fitted Knitwear and shirts are essential over the winter season as they bring out the body I’ve been working so hard for in the gym.”
 Dressing well is essential to Jason – he describes his fashion motto as “any time is look-good time.”
He says: “One of my pet peeves with fashion is when people dress up really well -suit and tie or something alike, and then go and wear like trainers with their outfit, I can never really make sense of it.”
The trousers and shoes Jason wears in this outfit are from Zara.
He says: “With trousers, you’ll never see me wearing anything too over the top, I have a few pair of blue jeans and a few pairs of black jeans and then one or two pairs on tan coloured chinos and I really don’t vary.”
He has a practical approach to fashion, going for simple, weather-understanding shades and then spices up his outfit by adding a bright colour.
“I have very specific style in the sense that I hate it when there is too much going on, mainly cause it becomes a distraction in appearance.  There is a lot that I think about when it comes to choosing clothes and styling myself, but it has just become second nature now.”
Getting signed to an agency earlier this year has been a huge step for Jason.
He says: “Modelling is such an easy, fun, natural thing for me to do so I’m always grateful for any time I get the opportunity to do it. Getting signed at Easter was such a dream come true and although I haven’t done loads of work with them, just being able to be represented has been so amazing.”
Check out more of Jason’s looks on his Instagram.
Photography by Khalifa Suleiman – Brookes Photographic Society – www.instagram.com/khalifa.photo – https://www.facebook.com/khalifasspace