Deloitte doesn’t care which university you went to

Recruiters won’t check where you went or what degree you got

Grad recruitment giant Deloitte no longer care about where you went to uni or what you got in your degree.

The esteemed financial firm has removed all academic and education details from its application process.

In order to widen the diversity in the workforce, Deloitte will stop telling their recruiters where candidates went to university.

The recruiters they use to hire grads will be denied background information on candidates’ exam results and which university and schools they went too. Instead those who have excelled in challenging circumstances will be given the chance to interview at the prestigious company.

In order to remove their reputation for employing people from elite schools and universities, Deloitte will be performing blind interviews, to ensure that next year, when they hope to hire 1,500 people, that the trainees are from diverse backgrounds.

Applicants that received three B grades at A-level will be considered for an interview, if they went to a school where the average grade was three D grades. Ensuring that job offers are based on their existing potential as opposed to their past personal circumstances.

Chief executive and senior partner of Deloitte UK David Sproul said: “We want to show that everyone can thrive, develop and succeed in our firm based on their talent, regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or any other dimension that can be used to differentiate people from one another.”

Critics have said hiring graduates based on where you went to university isn’t the best way to spot talent, and looking at those from a deprived background was a form of social engineering.

Professor of education at Buckingham University, Alan Smithers, questioned the policy. He said: “There’s an element of social engineering here.

“The emphasis should be on identifying untapped talent, not saying for moral reasons you’ve got to take someone who went to university having had free school meals.”

Deloitte have decided to switch their methods of recruiting, several weeks after Ernst and Young also announce that they will create a more diverse playing field. EY hires almost 2,000 graduates a year.

And they also, no longer take notice of your university choose or degree, and instead every applicant will sit the same online test. Your exam results are only seen once you’ve made it to the third round, after the blind interview and the online test.