Best clubbers is back: MNB Freshers Week special

This is what MNB does to people

MNB marked the start of the clubbing calendar this week as everyone came back to Hythe Bridge street to rekindle their love of the Monday night institution.

It was sorely missed.

at least they're honest about it

At least they’re honest about it

don't hate the player

Don’t hate the player

I don't think she has a chance

I don’t think she has a chance

go big or go home

Did that guy swallow a light

I'll have what they're having

I’ll have what they’re having

pose game straight outta zoolander

Pose game straight outta Zoolander

pout of the week

Pout of the week

road man

Road man

that's what he looks like all the time

That’s what he looks like all the time

Look out for your face on our weekly best clubbers article — It comes back with a bang this Sunday.