Here’s what’s happening in Freshers’ Week

It’s gonna be a biggie

For as long as anyone can remember the Student Union had run a predictable freshers fair with a same old feel and nothing to truly get excited about – except for those pens that see you through the rest of the year. But this year’s Freshers line-up is promising an “alternative” fair, along with a week packed full of events and, perhaps best of all, a Nando’s date with internet flute sensation Azeem Ward.

freshers fair 2015

Placing this fair on Cowley road could lead to a heavy second and third year showing there as most freshers will only know their halls and the U1 bus stop at this point in the year.

it's that place opposite the City Arms

it’s that place opposite the City Arms

According to an event organiser there will be plenty of the usual free stash and a heavy presence from Oxford bars and clubs giving away tasty freebies. The alternative fair will have online services like WhatBar and  Deliveroo to the biggest societies like Brookes Snow.

brookes snow

Oh yeah, and we’ll be there was well.

There are still loads more to be announced but the entire fair appears to be centred around the collection of the Oxford Brookes freshers wristbands. The key to the entire week.

The line-up for freshers week has only just been finalised with Azeem Ward’s flute recital on Wednesday and Clean Bandit on Thursday being the big headliners.

azeem ward

Not only will you get to see Azeem but there is now a competition running to win a “cheeky nando’s” for four hosted by Azeem. Promoter Freddie Goodall tells us: “The winners will get to share a cheeky Nando’s with Azeem before his big performance at Stacy’s Mom at the Bullingdon.”

He might even teach you some of his amazing flute skills.


Not to mention the long established favs of the moving in party and the back to school party on Saturday and Sunday, which is basically how everyone’s uni life starts off.

The gals

And that’s not forgetting the insanity of the MNB of the term. Sights like the wide-eyed crowd below will be common place but everyone will go away saying it was “the best night of my life”.


There’s also an event for those with an inner geek at the Superfresh night at Emporium on Tuesday, where each ticket will come with a superhero mask.

Of course it wouldn’t be Brookes freshers week without someone from Made in Chelsea making an appearance, and for this year’s fix we have Proudlock getting deep down at Lola’s.

For those that make it to Saturday The Disciples, hot off a performance with Calvin Harris, will be bringing their unique style of house music to the O2 – always a Brookes favourite.

To finish the week off after everyone is partied out there’s a fresher’s quiz on the 20th. In the Facebook event details they suggest team names such as “Stephen Hawking’s Football Boots or Fat kids always win at See-Saw”. Get excited.