BNOC of the year 2015: The Winner

The moment is finally here

You voted in your masses and here is your winner.

After weeks of tough competition we have finally found the biggest name around Brookes.

Your winner is Harry ‘Chopkins’ Hopkins. Inreaction to his victory Harry had this to say: “biggest name on campus? That’s one for the CV.”

Harry has become famous throughout campus through his position on the committee for the American Football team and seems to be more a feature of Fuzzy Ducks than the duck itself.


The final result of the vote was decided by just a few votes making the difference between first and second. Harry took 37 per cent of your votes but beat his runner-up Freddie Goodall by a margin of just 10.


Harry was a big name before but now it looks like he’s set to become a household name from Wheatley to Harcourt and beyond. It looks like you’ll be seeing even more of him in Fuzzys, if that’s possible.