If you don’t stay single at university, you’re doing it wrong

Get ready to mingle


Being single at uni is so much more fun.

It doesn’t mean we hate all you loved up couples, but you have the rest of your lives to find someone and be happy so why settle now? Relationships, especially at uni, just aren’t worth the drama. With exams and coursework deadlines looming nobody should have the time to deal with a possessive, clingy other half.

Luke, Argument, Tab

And because you can’t and shouldn’t have to deal with them, it means inevitably parting ways. Break ups are incredibly awkward at the best of times, but at uni it’s even worse. Campus suddenly gets a lot smaller, even worse if it’s your housemate or someone in your group of friends. Nobody needs an elephant in the room.

Being single affords you freedom from this awkward constant urge to check over your shoulder. You can have nights out and get as drunk and be as silly as you want without having to worry about bumping into his friends catching you slut dropping on someone else, or even him.

Going to Fuzzy Ducks when you’re single is like going to an all you can eat buffet. Going when you’re in a relationship is like someone else is ordering for you, and it’s the same dish you’ve had the last three months. You never want to be part of the couple who stand in the corner of the club watching all your single friends have the night of their life.

all the boys

All the boys.

Having someone to rely on means you’re stuck in a shell. Being single, you’re forced to meet so many more people and make loads more friends. Sure, you might have to friendzone a few, but you avoid the monotony in being tied down to one person.

And not only friends, but you miss so many important uni experience while stuck with a boyfriend. Crucially you can’t participate in Goldrush if you’re in a relationship. Think of all those people who may have put you on their list but you’re already taken and missing out on all the fun.

If you're in a relationship you probably don't know what this is.

If you’re in a relationship you probably don’t know what this is.

It’s also way more fun going out when you’re on the pull. Shag or die works so much better if you’re single. And you can dance with the best looking gal or guy in the club without someone getting jealous and grumpy.

It’s not just being single on a night out that is more fun, but it also means you can’t turn into one of those annoying stereotypes…


Nobody wants to be that couple that have PDAs everywhere, it’s just sickening, go to a restaurant with your friends instead, you’ll have way more fun than sitting in a dark corner making out with your other half. Not only would such PDAs get you arrested in certain countries but you make it awkward for everyone else in the room. Just get a room.

And that’s not even the worst type of couple, the ones who constantly fight and make up, nobody cares about your drama, you’re clearly not in a good place, so dump their ass and you’ll have way more fun than crying into your cup of tea in the morning. Why cry over a boyfriend when there are way more important things to cry over, like how Sansa Stark is being treated in Game of Thrones. That’s right Ramsay I’m looking at you.

You’ll also find your friends will love you so much more – probably because they’ll actually get to see you now.

single group

They’re all single and having a way better time than you

You don’t have to worry about what type of student job you get, you can totally become a shot girl (or boy) without worrying that your other half will get jealous. Think of all that extra cash. Being in a relationship is expensive, being single you’ve got loads of extra cash to splash out on yourself, everybody needs to be pampered once in a while. (and you’re a student, you can’t afford to be spending money on anyone else). When your student loan doesn’t even cover your rent can you really afford to take bae out for a fancy meal and pay for all of her VKs in Fuzzys?

Relationships are all about compromise – but this is the only time in your life that you don’t have to please anyone by yourself. Why ruin that just so you have someone to watch Netflix and cuddle with? It’s not worth it.