BNOC of the year 2015: Group 4

They’re more popular than you ever will be

It’s the last group, and your vote will take one of these heroes into the BNOC final.

Freddie Goodall


Freddie is the King of Oxford himself. The sweet talking, smile wearing legend had graced Oxford’s spiralled city for four years now, travelling far and wide from Crescent Hall to Wheatley to ensure your favourite nights are the ones you talk about for years to come. He’s the  man behind Fishy Fingers and the Bakermat May Day extravaganza. There isn’t a bar he hasn’t bought a drink. He’s basically the BNOC of BNOCs.

George Keyes


George, a very worthy person who deserves to be Brookes BNOC of 2015, is known by EVERYONE. There isn’t a time when his name isn’t being circulated somewhere. Whereever he is, from the sports bar to Fuzzy’s people know him – he’s especially a big deal at Fuzzy’s.

Polly Richardson


Headed into her third year at Brookes, Polly can’t go anywhere in Oxford, on or off campus, without being recognised. In her time at Brookes, this beautiful Devon-born girl has made friends across all faculties, but more impressively she has been President of Brookes Women’s Rugby team (OBUWRFC) in their most victorious year yet. Polly is an incredible person – kind and friendly to everyone she meets, proven by the fact that she can’t sit in the Forum for five minutes without someone sitting down for a chat. And she’s equally in demand on the weekly visit to Fuzz as well.