We asked you the worst ways you’re procrastinating

Talking to us instead of revising doesn’t count

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It really is a skill that takes time an effort to master. Whether you’re lounging in the library, outside smoking in the sun or watching hours of Netflix repeats at home, you’re probably avoiding work.

We took to the JHBB to find the worst ways you procrastinate.

Holly – 1st year, History

“I booked a 10 day holiday to Magaluf by myself.”

Will – 2nd year, Business management



Olena – 1st year, Politics and International Relations


“I eat. A lot.”

Timothy – 2nd year, Economics


“I get carried away picking my nose.”

Ollie – 1st year, International hospitality and management & Iri – 1st year, Anthropology and Sociology


“We bleached and dyed our hair three times in a row.”

Ayaz – 3rd year, Business and International relations

“I play table tennis for hours.”

Max and Will – 2nd year, Planning and property development


“Max watches Teletubbies videos and then we discuss them together.”

Tuva – 1st year, Japanese Studies


“I just sleep.”

Will, 2nd year, History


“Eating and counting grass.”

Yaqub – 1st Year, International Business Management

“I searched for the best places to work without a degree and then went out clubbing five nights in a row.”