BNOC of the year 2015: Group 2

Your vote counts, don’t waste it

As the battle for the most coveted crown in Oxford rages on, we give you the second group of titanic contenders to the throne.

Who comes out on top? You decide.

Harry ‘Chopkins’ Hopkins

harry hopkins

The social sec of the American Football team Harry has succeeded his ambition of attending more Fuzz and Kandy nights than lectures this year. He rose to prominence this year after achieving King of the Ring’s first ever TKO.

Georgia Mossman

Georgia Mossman

A fact that many of you wont know is Real Estate second year Georgia passed the stages off Miss Rutland and is now in the heats of Miss UK. She studies valuation in the day time and at night time she is regularly Djing at Moss in The Zoo. With her love for house music she controls what the crowds do in second year. She’ll always be seen at the city arms after a BIG Night out. A true candidate for BNOC of the year.

Tom Lloyd


Tom is a notorious predrinker, if you’re having predrinks he’s sure to turn up. He’s always the life and soul of every party and there’s rarely a night out where you won’t bump into him clubbing. Tom knows everyone and everyone knows Tom.

Jamie Loyn


Jamie Loyn, a second year English Lit and Sociology is the BNOC of the year because he can’t walk to and from JHBB without being stopped to chat, it adds at least half an hour onto his journey time.

Herman Smee

Herman Smee

Third year real estate OBRESS treasurer Herman prides himself on not speaking to girls and he has girls queuing for him. He’s part time Royal Mail part time real estate. Seen in third year corner in Anuba and Camera ruling the roost, he’s such a big a deal he’s done a PA for bridge. Why always SMEE? Your county needs smee.

Dan Hoey

Dan Hoey

As football president, Dangerous Dan is a face well known round campus for all the right reasons. The Lady Killer is seen in his usual stomping ground Monday Lava propping up the bar trying to sell his last few pug puppies. If not seen out, he’s seen getting dominated by Patrick Bateman at Brooke5ide. Long live the Angels.

Interesting fact about Dan – he loves Brookes that much he’s graduated already, but is now doing another three year course.