An Ode to Fuzzy Ducks

The only place you should get FOMO

With Wahoo recently being seen as the “the place that changed someone’s life” It’s only fitting that we should celebrate the greatest Wednesday night in Oxford.

Fuzzy Ducks.

The brand has been running for 15 years and is still one of Brookes’ most popular nights.

If that doesn’t tell you its the best, the full sponsorship of every sports team means that you can always find the fittest students filling the venue.

2015-03-26 17.06.13

Party raging before midnight

And with its £2.50 vodka redbulls and VK’s, you can never pull the “too skint for a night out” excuse when you’re going to Fuzzy’s.

It’s good news for those who like to follow the Fuzzy commandments (yes, it’s so important that it has commandments).

1. Thou shalt take off their top when ‘Baywatch’ is played
2. Thou shalt idolise the duck
3. Thou shalt wear F&D with honour and pride
4. Thou shalt never eat duck on a Wednesday
5. Never mention your father and your mother
6. What happens in the hot tub, stays in the hot tub
7. Thou shall NEVER drink a VK without a straw
8. Thou shall NEVER turn down a free jagerbomb
9. If thou doth not aquire a ticket tho must join the savage queue
10. Thou shalt always take the scenic route home

It’s not just a night for the Sports Teams either. Uni is about exploring yourself and dressing up and Fuzz offers everyone the place to do that and look fun on the walk of shame.

Just a casual Thursday morning.

Just a casual Thursday morning.

Fuzz is basically a religion, anyone who is anyone can be seen with a Fuzzy Ducks top on a Wednesday night.

They even put on the occasional Sunday daytime special – who needs church when you can go to Fuzz?

Admit it, you want to be them

Admit it, you want to be them

Forget Monday, forget weekends, Fuzzy is the place to be – I’ll see you on Wednesday.

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