The Brookes women’s rugby team are having a sick undefeated streak

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Their first game of 2015 was an incredible 115-0 win against Nottingham Trent and was a sign of things to come.


This semester, the team have been unstoppable as Lincoln University were thrashed by an 83-0 win to Oxford Brookes last month.


Training all the way up at Harcourt Hill in an array of weather conditions has certainly paid off. Balancing training, work and head-pounding Thursday 9am lectures after weekly socials at Fuzzy Ducks is not easy.

The ladies dedication to the sport has not gone unnoticed, however. President of the society Polly Richardson said: “It has been the best year for the team.

“We have recruited the most amazing girls.”


Things are constantly looking up for the society as a whole. At the start of the academic year, the team had only eight players to its name. Now, the squad is home to more than 30 girls.

With more recent scores of 15-12 against UEA, Oxford Brooke’s Women’s Rugby Team have won the Midlands 2A league, undefeated.

The winning streak sets the team up well for the cup final which takes place later this week.