This 23-year-old Brookes drop-out is Wigan Athletic’s new chairman

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Former Brookes student, David Sharpe, has been appointed as the next chairman for Wigan Athletic at the ripe age of twenty three.

He will be replacing his grandfather, Dave Whelan who has now retired at the age of 78.

Sharpe impressed his grandfather with a cultivated business mind which earned him a Christmas present that I’m sure all 23-year-old men would envy.


David Jnr was presented a place on the board at the Championship football club and an all-access pass in December 2013.

His grandfather has since spent his time giving Sharpe a year-long rundown of how the business is run successfully.

Whelan, who once starred in this fantastic Wigan video, said: “The time has now come to hand over the reins.

“It is a decision I have been mulling over for some years and I believe David is now ready.”

Sharpe will be the youngest chairman in the league, which is pretty impressive for a Brookes dropout.

It is comforting to know that Sharpe hasn’t always been successful in all his business endeavours.

He opened “Sharpy’s” fish and chip shop outside DW Stadium and was active in bringing down a former manager who stole over £6000 from the business. Unfortunately the business was never meant to be and has since closed down due to lack of trade on non-match days.

The chippy reportedly cost Dave Whelan a whopping £1.3 million.

So if you are considering dropping out of University, all hope is not lost. Well, at least not if you have a rich, successful grandparent.