I can’t wait to leave college in America and get back to Brookes

Please just let me come home

Despite dying to get away from routine boring lectures and weekly hangovers, there’s only a few weeks left of my semester abroad and I can’t wait to be back in Oxford.

My time at Virginia Tech University has provided me with the perfect, stereotypical college experience.

From countless games of beer pong (red cups only, obviously) to running away from the clingy, over-the-top sorority girls, not to mention a Mean Girls Halloween experience.

But as finals week is drawing closer and the weather in Virginia is past freezing, there are a few things that are certainly making me want to rap-up the last month in America.

First off, having a roommate. Sharing where you sleep, study, shower and shit with just one person becomes tedious.

The room is never cluttered with my own mess like it was in Oxford, but with someone else’s too.

It would be fine if we were best friends and shared clothes but we don’t.

Having the room scattered with size 3 shoes is just annoying.


I expected sharing bunk beds with an all American girl but when all of the international students have been bunged together in one dorm, there are other cultural barriers to overcome.

Speaking a different language to your roommate proves very difficult. When they’re Skyping their significant other at 5:00am because of the differing time zones, chatting away in Chinese, it’s hard to tell them to shut up because you can’t understand each other.

Annoyingly, it’s also awkward telling your roommate the carpet of her hair that has accumulated on the shower floor is disgusting.


Another reason I am eager to be back at Brookes is the freedom that I’ll have. Having weekly dorm meetings, daily e-mails and check-ins with your Resident Advisor has a very immature feel.

Many ‘organized activities’ within my dorm make the students feel childish and that they need looking after, this isn’t the case. At 19 years old, we shouldn’t have to attend meetings on personal hygiene, keeping the kitchen clean and how to revise properly.

Its common sense, your mum didn’t come to uni with you for a reason.

Talking of being 19, I never realised that being under 21 in the US would actually suck. Getting a cold pint on a Friday night has proved mission impossible when the police will shut down any sight of college students trying to attend a party.

Even cardboard cut out coach won’t share his WKD.


But I’m struggling on, safe in the knowledge that Bridge and Fuzzies will have my back with refreshers in the New Year. £2.50 doubles will be the death of me when semester two starts, and rightly so.